- Send TXT Message Blasts to Your Fans

Band TXT Alerts

  • Send unlimited TXT message blasts
  • Get TXT replies from your fans
  • Fans signup through TXT or web

Why TXT Message Blasts?

  • Get to them instantly.

Email? Who uses that? Myspace? That's sooo 2006. People always have their phones with them. They'll get your message for sure.

  • The labels will love you.

Got your own "mobile distribution list?" That sounds attractive. If you have a database of your fans' cell phone numbers, you're more likely to get a record deal than a band who just has an email list.

  • They can sign up wherever.

Got your fans waving their phones during your set? After you finish your song, tell them to send in a TXT to join your list. Give the first person to TXT front row seats the rest of the night. They'll love you. Forever.